#KeepinItSharpie – Bout Dat Lemonade Faith Life

IMG_2841A little over 2 years ago, I was requested by my manager to come into a meeting at the school in Atlanta where I was working at the time. It wasn’t my normally scheduled work day so my interest was piqued. The Holy Spirit whispered ever so softly in my ear to take a box with me because it would be my last day. I went in, worked a full day and sat in meetings that seemed to have nothing to do with me so I began to question what I “heard.”

As I was packing up to leave for the day, my manager called me into his office and told me that due to budget cuts, my position was being eliminated effective immediately. I cried – not tears of sadness, but of joy and praise because I DID, indeed hear from the Lord! Yaaassss! I thanked my manager for the opportunity, headed back to my office to pack it up and practically skipped to my car. My happiness was short lived because I quickly realized that it was 2 weeks before Christmas and was without a job. I asked God what I was going to do. And without hesitation, I heard Him again whisper sweetly in my ear, “you’re not going to work for another person. You will have multiple businesses.”

Fast forward to today…I am the owner of Vik VarWoo, LLC, Viktory Kouture and SOWN Social Media. Am I rolling in dough? Chile, I WISH! Am I where I want to be? Nope. Has it been a struggle?#TheStruggleIsForRealForReal. But has God kept me and my girls in the midst of it all? Absolutely! 

All that to say…when Life gives you lemons, God expects you to make lemonade…AND here’s the gotcha, He’ll give you EVERYTHING you need to make the best ding dilly lemonade you’ve ever tasted. #BoutDatLemonadeFaithLife



#KeepinItSharpie – It Ain’t Always About You 


I hate hearing this phrase when it’s directed toward me. Surely, “I” don’t make EVERYTHING about me! You must have me confused with some other self absorbed person. Yeah…no. “I” am that self absorbed person and there are MANY times that God has to whisper in my ear, “it ain’t always about you, LoveMuffin.” That conviction is always what I need to set me straight and get me back to a place of humility. Cuz at the end of the day….I can do NOTHING without Him and ALL things THROUGH His strength.   




#KeepinItSharpie – God Is Tryna Tell You Something

  For years, I’ve been awakened between the hours of 3 and 5 AM. At first, I had no clue as to why and would find myself frustrated because I knew had to get up in a few hours or minutes for work and I preferred to be awakened by my alarm clock.

Eventually I came to realize that it was The Holy Spirit nudging me to spend time with Him and that He had some things to share with me. Now when I get that “Holy Spirit Wake Up Call,” I pick up my phone, open up my Evernote app or pick up my journal and my trusty sharpie, listen and write.

In the still of the night, God’s voice is always loudest. Listen. God is trying to tell you something.


DIY Polka Dot Maxi Dress

Hey Y’all!

Is anyone else ready for spring? Lord knows I am. I found this beautiful knit fabric from Hancock in their value fabrics section for $4.95/yd. I couldn’t leave it there because not only is it polka dot…but the dots are CHARTREUSE! Say what now? Yeah, I happily put her on the cutting table and brought 4 yards of her home with me. I contemplated making all kinds of pieces with it but decided on a simple gathered maxi dress and would let the print be the star. Want the deets?

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: About 4 yds of fabric and the usual sewing suspects 

WHAT I DID: For the bodice…I took my handy dandy favorite Banana Republic tee, folded it and placed it on the fold of my fabric. I then traced around it leaving about an inch around. I didn’t add sleeves but just extended the sleeve cap to make a cap sleeve.

For the skirt, I left the fabric folded and cut straight across (for the width/waist) and then made another cut straight across about 40 inches down for the length. Then I freestyled some pockets. 

I then sewed the bodice at the shoulders and then the sides, serged and hemmed around the neckline and armholes by turning it under twice then top stitching. I attached the pockets to the skirt, then sewed the front to the back. Then….I used my gathering foot! If you could see the smile on my face right now. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves me now for giving the idea to create that to whoever thought of that gem. #WontHeDoIt Anyway…I gathered up that waistline so darned quickly, attached it to the bodice, hemmed the bottom and I was all done! 

I’m hoping that making this little ditty will help winter move her tail out of here just a teensy bit quicker but if it doesn’t, I’m already armed with a staple dress. Whoo! Whoo!

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re not a DIYer and would like to purchase a dress like this one, please feel free to submit a custom order request at


Dress: DIY

Fabric: Similar here or here



DIY Tulle Skirt

Hey Y’all!

Every woman should feel like a princess and what better way to do that than by wearing a tutu (tulle skirt for the grown & sexy)? 

These skirts are super simple to make and make a huge impact when you walk into a room. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

6-10 yds tulle

3 yds of lining fabric (I used a sparkly satin)

2″ elastic

the usual suspects sewing notions

Here’s the how to:

For the underskirt – make a circle skirt (click here for tips). Hem. 

For the tulle – cut 3-6 circles the same as your underskirt but about 2″ longer

Sew the tulle on top of the underskirt.

Cut the elastic the length of your WAIST measurement and sew the ends together. Sew the waistband  on to the tulle making sure to stretch as you sew so that it fits around the whole skirt. 

All done!

Where to Purchase:

Skirt – DIY or here

Tulle – here

Satin – here

Elastic – here

Jacket – DIY

Want your own tulle skirt but don’t want to make it? You can purchase one here


DIY Print Mix High Low Skirt

So, I shared with my Sewl Sistahs that I’m fasting from buying fabric for the next 40 days. Of course one of them goes and posts this…

So what’s a girl to do? Fabric stash bust!!! I didn’t have quite enough yardage to self draft a circle skirt to replicate the skirt above but I did have M6953 so I got to work.

I used the skirt from view C and made the following modifications:

  • Added pockets (of course)
  • Added 2 additional pleats to the front and back
  • Added a 2″ waistband

So…how did I do?

If you’re interested in purchasing a skirt or tee like this, please submit a custom request in my Etsy store.

As always,