Greetings & Salutations!


Why should you support Vik VarWoo, LLC.?

Three things I like are the creative designs, me being allowed to give my input with your creativity to get the design I desire and third, your professionalism, passion and desire to serve others through design and fashion. You're the, Vik.  - Nicole A. 


You and your vision of your boutique are amazing. Keep pushing your mind, style and talents beyond what you think you're capable of. That's when the magic happens. You don't cease to place me in a state of awe with every piece of clothing you put out. I'm excited for where you are heading. I can't wait for the day when you become international and I can say, "I know her."  - Dee Dee H.

Vik VarWoo, LLC. products are very creative, made with love and delivery is FAST! Customer service is unmatched. Definitely recommend!  - Suzettra S.

Vik VarWoo designed the team t-shirt for our weight loss challenge, TAB Biggest Loser. Her design was timely, chic, cool and appropriate for our participants. She offered a variety of styles and colors and still stayed within the theme of the challenge. The t-shirts were a big hit and helped to promote camaraderie, teamwork, motivation and fun. Her product delivery and packaging was very professional and several participants wanted their own custom tees. - Crystal S.

Shopping at Vik VarWoo, LLC. has been a wonderful experience. Vik, the owner, is professional, very creative and customer focused. Vik is unselfish and truly cares about providing outstanding service to her customers. Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. You'll soon be writing and "Excellent" review of your own! - Sheri W.

I love the designs of Vik VarWoo! I ordered two shirts from Vik and shortly after I was receiving a payment email. Once I placed my order the shirts were here within a few days. The best part was opening the package and Vik had a pretty ribbon on the shirts so it was like getting a sweet surprise gift from a friend! Absolutely love Vik VarWoo, LLC. and I'm always checking for her new designs ready to order more. Thanks Vik! You're awesome! - Tandi L. 

Thank you so much for dressing me. Your work is fabulous! - Joann Rosario C.

My beautiful skirt arrived yesterday. I really love it. Thank you for the extra goodies, especially the earrings. You are not only talented but very kind.

- Sharon R. 


I received the tutu and I must say I'm pleased and my daughter loves it thank you.  - Danielle H. 


I truly look forward to receiving my box each month. I have not been disappointed by the diverse selection of prints. - Solona H. 


Your skirt box is fyeeee! I can’t walk two steps without being stopped!!! You did that! Thank you for offering your gift to the world! - Triyoko B. 


Love the surprise and joy of opening my package each month! - Masimba T. 


I have received many compliments, hope to send new clients your way. I feel beautiful. - Sharon R. 


I see all the photos of New B’s member rocking their shirts and I get so proud knowing that you made them. Keep up the good work! - Wynsda W. 


We ABSOLUTELY LOVE our skirts! - Kishia C. 


I ❤️ my tulle skirts and long taffeta skirt. ❤️❤️❤️ - Akilah H. 


Thank you for styling me on my husband's 5th Pastoral Anniversary. I'm a satisfied customer. - Nicole W. 


Vik! Got my skirt before I went to New York. Didn't open it. BUT I did today!!! Love it, Love it!!! It's beautiful. I thank you for your encouraging words. I pray God's blessings continued to rain down on you and your family! Thank God for the gift He has placed in you. You are changing the world, one woman at a time! ❤ — feeling beautiful. - Demetra R. 


Y'all see me in my Vik VarWoo skirt??? ❤️❤️❤️ it!!! - Alicia W. 


I finally picked my skirt up from the post office. When I tell you I'm in love that's an understatement. It's absolutely beautiful. This is the 2nd skirt I had made and I'm so happy. Ty @vikvarwoo so much for helping me with my questions and your personal touch. May you continue to be blessed❤️  - Monique B. 


Big thanks to Vik VarWoo for my custom tees and aprons!!! They really stand out!!! Thanks to your quality work, many come up to me just to say how much they love my ensemble!!! And that leads to questions about my business! Thank you for creating the best walking post board! - Liz B. 


Thanks, Vik VarWoo, you did your thang on my New Year's Outfit! - Krystal H. 


I am so grateful for Vik VarWoo!  I currently live in Japan.  Not to stereotype people, but Japanese women are not as "well endowed" as us, American women.  Finding something that fits is really hard on top of me being in a season where I want to look like where I'm going.  I begged for help through Facebook.  She was so sweet in finding out what styles I already like, what my style goals are, and helped me step out of the box a little.  Not only did I get three styles that are gorgeous, but she also found pieces to make the look that is within my budget.  So when the Marine Corp Ball is around the corner, who am I going to call?  Vik VarWoo of course!  I can't wait to see my ball look!

- Robin T. 


My something VERY pretty arrived today! - Myesha J. 


Love my new capelet! - KT Martin


So...I received so many compliments at church today! Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone! I'm looking forward to next month! - Nashonda J. 


Listen, Doll...I LOVE my custom shirt it is amazing. I had to stop myself from wearing it work today. I work on a manufacturing site and did not want it to get messed up.  It turned out great. Thank you so very much! This month's skirt is AH-MAZING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! - Camille D. 


Thank u for ALL your hard work & professionalism. - Trina P. 


Love it can’t wait to wear my skirt! - Tyreena J. 


I got my first birthday present from you. That was so thoughtful. When I rock the earrings I will definitely post them. May God continue to bless you. Your dedication and work ethic is inspiring. - Nikema B. 


I am a 1st receiver (if that is a word).......maybe a website on how to tie the sash. Other then that, I love the piece including the sash. To me, the combination articulates the artist you are. The unique patterns of the designed skirt are amazing. The crazier the pattern is the better for me because I LOVE, LOVE, being a Capricorn (unicorn) to others. Thanks for all you do! - Lori D. 


Your choice of patterns and mixing are awesome. Keep up the great work! 

 - Primrose P. 


Let me thank the wonderful designer, Vik VarWoo who designed my beautiful dress! Right before I got on the elevator I felt something in my was a note from Vik that brought tears to my eyes...thanks, Vik I love you. - Lisa C. 


Thank you so much for the awesome shirt design! Thank you for your timeliness and professionalism!!! Your response time is amazing! - Jodi N.