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Wrap Pants

Wrap Pants

These pants are perfect for the beach or just a night out with your girls! Pair with a tank or pull on over your bathing suit. They are a definite conversation piece.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN FABRUC: I will send you a link to choose your fabric after purchase. 

**2** Waist: 25-26----Hips;34.5-35.5
**4** Waist: 26.5-27.5----Hips: 36-37
**6** Waist: 28-29----Hips: 37.5-38.5
**8** Waist: 29.5-30.5----Hips: 39-40
**10** Waist: 31-32----Hips: 40.5-41.5
**12** Waist: 32.5-33.5----Hips: 42-43
**14** Waist: 34-35----Hips: 43.5-44.5
**16** Waist: 35.5-37----Hips: 45-46.5
**18** Waist: 37.5-39----Hips: 47.48.5
**20** Waist: 39.5-41----Hips: 49-50.5
**22** Waist: 41.5-43----Hips: 51-52.5

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